You've got questions? 

We've got answers.

What do BellyBrain smoothies taste like?

Our BellyBrain fermented smoothies are an effervescent mouthful of sweet goodness; bursting with fruit and a tang & texture you haven't experienced!

How will I feel after having a BellyBrain smoothie?

After consuming a BellyBrain smoothie you may feel a lively sensation in your gut, this is a good thing! You will feel energized and happy you did something good for yourself.

How often can I consume BellyBrain smoothies?

Once a day keeps bad gut bacteria away but...some of us can't help but have more. Always listen to your body.

How long do BellyBrain smoothies last outside of the fridge?

On the go, BellyBrain smoothies can stay fresh and tasteful up to two hours unrefrigerated but not in the baking sun please.

What makes BellyBrain probiotics special?

Unlike many probiotics on the market, we don't just add bacteria cultures. Ours are living probiotics! We use a slow fermentation method which produces optimal bacteria that thrives deep in the gut.

Other than the gut-health benefits from pre and probiotics, what other benefits do BellyBrain smoothies have?

BellyBrain smoothies contain 5g of fiber from fresh carrot and chicory root! What's more, our smoothies give you 25% of your daily vitamins A-K, all from fruits and vegetables.

What's the significance of the BellyBrain characters?

We dreamed up our BellyBrain characters to represent the diverse world of bacteria living among us and in our guts. These characters are a lot more fun and attractive than the real thing if we do say so ourselves.

Why did you choose a pouch for BellyBrain smoothies?

We set out to make a super nutritious, satiating snack easy and convenient to consume...ready to nosh! Plus! Studies show that flexible spouted pouches offer a significantly-reduced carbon footprint in comparison to glass or rigid plastic, with up to 90% less greenhouse gas emissions.

Where can I buy BellyBrain smoothies?

Coming soon.